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Clear Fused Quartz Tubing & Rod、Quartz Plates & Discs、Quartz Pipe & Tube、Quartz Glass、Quartz Products Etc.

High Quality Quartz Products !  Made in China,   E-mail:oukon.steven@gmail.com



  NEW :  We are welcome custom-made order and look forward to your drawing.



Clear Fused Quartz Tubing & Rod   


Fused Quartz Plate & Discs


Fused Quartz custom-made order



Clear Fused quartz tube

Clear Fused quartz rod

UV stop quartz tube

UV Ozone free quartz tube

Opaque quartz tube


Clear Quartz Plate

Screw model quartz tube

Double bore quartz tube

Carbon fiber heating lamp

Rose quartz tube for heater

quartz tube processing

quartz block processing

quartz rod processing

quartz plate processing

Optical quartz processing

coating film quartz sand

seal quartz tubes

quartz cup

Optical quartz

Crystal semiconductor






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